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Never Alone
Never Alone.
The metallic click was surprisingly loud as Otis turned the lock on the heavy door, sliding the bolt into place. He smiled to himself warmly as he looked out the window and watched the young couple, who had just bought a beautiful wreath, walking away from his shop and into the cold night. They had been telling him how it was their first Christmas as husband and wife and they were so excited to begin decorating their house that they had just moved into.  Otis didn't mention it but he had also noticed the little pooch around the young woman's midsection and wondered how far long she was. It was already late November so there was no chance of the baby coming before Christmas but he knew that could only add to their excitement.
He sighed contentedly and turned to face the little nick-knacks and trinkets that cluttered his shop. "It was a good day, I think," he said to the empty room. "Shouldn't have to worry about the bills this month." In back of the store one of t
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Night Terrors
He paced more slowly now then he had before. Up until about thirty seconds ago he had been making circles around the room like trapped squirrel and he had begun to fear wearing a path in the carpet. The movement now was far more deliberate almost like a hungry cat pacing the length of its cage but there wasn’t the predator’s confidence in his movements. He had spent the last hour trying to calm himself and, up to this point, had had little success. He was afraid; terrified even. A thin transparent film of sweat had formed on his brow and little droplets of beads were running down the side of his face. His hands were shaking so violently at one point he had had trouble taking the sedative he felt he needed to desperately.
Now, he waited. He waited for the pills he had ingested to take they’re slow hold over him and allow him to do the thing that he so fear to do these days. He didn’t understand why he was so afraid of this. This was something every one does every day
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The Bunny is Not your friend
(First Person)
When I was very little one of my favorite places to visit was the Yellow River Game Ranch. I remember one of the first years that I went. I was so excited because this was the year I was going to get to go into the rabbit pen. I remember imagining in my head how I was going to go in and play with them all and how they would all be my friend. I’ve always had an over active and less than realistic imagination.
My whole family went. My mother and my father and my siblings were all there. I remember that I could barely contain my enthusiasm as I began to walk through the very rustic petting zoo where you would buy a bag of corn as you entered and the deer would walk right up to you on the trail and eat from your hands. The rabbit pen was further into the zoo and my parents wouldn’t let me simply run ahead and see them like I want to so very much.
As we walked we saw the deer and we saw the various farm animals that you could pet, as well as the few animals they had
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Tick. Tock.
Tick. Tock.
Tick. Tock.
On and on it droned. Every second a painful reminder of everything he felt he needed but could not have. He looked around the clean, white waiting room at all of the others there. No one else seemed to be suffering the way he was but he doubted that his inner turmoil was as apparent as he imagined it to be. Maybe they just hid it better.
Tick. Tock.
Tick. Tock.
Tick. Tock.
He couldn’t remember a time when he was this aware of the passing of time. He had only been there an hour, maybe an hour and a half, but the clock on the wall in front of him was deafeningly loud and it mocked him as it counted out every moment that he had to endure without.  He didn’t want to look at the clock any more, but he couldn’t help it. It seemed to stair back at him with a malice he would never have thought capable of an inanimate object. In his mind, somehow this plain black and white clock with over sized numbers had been possessed of some cruel
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The Affairs of Dragons.
“What were you thinking!”
I shouted at him. I couldn’t even fathom how he could think that what he had done would be “alright.” I paced the room in front of him. I could practically feel the smoke pouring out of my ears I was so angry with him.
“I didn’t get caught,” he said to me. “I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.”
“Don’t understand what all the fuss is about?” I yelled, nearly shrieking at him. “how could you not understand what all the fuss is about?”  I snatched the small golden object from his hand and waved it in front of his face. “This is what all the fuss is about! You need to take it back!”
“Take it back? Are you insane?” he said to me snatching it back. “Then I’d be caught for sure.”
I had to admit he had a point. If he hadn’t been seen then we’d probably be ok but if he had, we were all dead. I knew that the gold, jewel encrust
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Mature content
Aching :iconarribus:Arribus 1 4
Dance With Me
Dance with me, my beauty
Take my hand and waltz with me tonight
Set aside all work and duty
And let us take our passioned flight
Lithe and graceful, our limbs entwine
Together we whirl and glide
Across the floor, your body to mine
Locked in this frenzied ride
Come, my sweet, no music is needed
Only the rhythm of our blood
No fine clothes or shoes or etiquette heeded
As we give into lusts flood.
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Christmas Songs
I sit at my window and the rain falls from the gray sky
It does feel right; some how it doesn’t look a lot like Christmas
Thunder rumbles in the distance like an old man protesting the season
Drops of rain call down the window pane like lonely tears on this not so Silent Night.
I heave a heavy sigh and close my eyes as I dream of the White Christmas I always wanted.
In my mind I see people laughing and children playing and I smile on a Sleigh ride together with you.
Under soft blankets we watch the snow fall around us
Once lonesome tears, now soft, white crystals that float to the earth and settle against each other like people making tender love
The wind caresses our faces, blowing the soft powder past us as we ride through my Winter Wonderland
Music rises over the snow drifts like angels singing and in my heart I feel Joy to the World
Finally I open my eyes to the bleak world outside and I can still hear sliegh bells ringing and people singing and I still smile.
I lie in my bed
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The Silver Rose
While in a garden I saw a sliver rose
It shone more brightly than any other on the vine
It’s shining, agent petals glitter with the light of god
And I knew it had to be mine.
I was entranced, breathless, by a pure beauty in this place
Time and fate circled endlessly to its center
Where I thought I could see my face.
I bent closer to take in its sweet scent
Its softness caressed my cheeks like a lovers kiss
Its smell intoxicated more than even the finest wine
In that moment I knew bliss.
I went to take it, to posses it beauty for my own
But on its thorns my flesh was pricked
I was pierced down into the very bone.
Blood fell and I throbbed in pain
My silver rose only watches it flow
Drenched in crimson rain.
Still I took it from its vine and from the others there
I wanted it for myself I wanted to treasure it in my hands
Its thorns continue to bite, continued to scratch
But I held it tight, tight with out any care.
Oh silver rose, I’ll you hold close
I’ll hold
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Untitled: Part 1
“Come on,” A voice pulled me from my sleep. One of the most peaceful sleeps I’d had in months. “Get your ass up. You’re getting out of here.”
I lifted my head off the bed and looked around still groggy. I glanced out the window; it was early. The sun was barely up and I could hear the birds singing in that way they only sing when they’re first waking up. Suddenly the lights were switched on and I closed my eyes tight to protect them from the burning light.
“Don’t you think you’ve been in here long enough?” the voice said again.
After another few seconds my head and my vision started to clear and I could make out an imposing middle-aged woman standing in the door to my room. “Sheila?”
She let out a snort of amusement. “yeah, its me. You didn’t think I’d just leave you in here forever did you?”
I hesitated because the truth was, yeah, I did. I had been in “dry dock” for a long time now. I wasn&
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My love
Fia, my love, I promised I would never leave you. I promised I would always watch over you; protect you from all the wrong in the world. And I'll never break that promise.
We were so happy together, Fia. I remember the days when we would sit in the sun, on a hillside, just being with each other quietly. We were just happy to know the other was there.
What happened, Fia, My love? There's no sun anymore.
I remember colors, brilliant colors. The rich brown of your hair like beautifully polished wood. Your endlessly deep and blue eyes like a sparkling ocean in the sun set. You made every color in the world dim in comparison and yet seem much brighter than without you.
What happened, my love? There's no color anymore.
I remember your touch. Your skin was so smooth and warm. The feel of your hand against mine was intoxicating and I could have been lost in it for ever. I didn't need to feel anything else when I was with you. Nothing else mattered.
What happened, Fia? I'm numb, my love.
I don'
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Tarot: The Fool
                Molly sat on the grass watching the waves roll into the shore some fifty yards away. The early summer sun was high in the sky and she smiled as it lightly warmed her face. She breathed in deep the salty smell of the ocean and held it in her lungs till it burned as if she were hoping to get some high off it.
She twirled a white rose in her fingers. She had picked it from her mother's garden that morning. Her mom always got mad when Molly picked her flowers, but the roses were so beautiful Molly couldn't help herself. She grazed her thumb lightly over its thorns and brushed the soft peddles against her cheek. It tickled her face and made her laugh.
She lay back in the grass and rested the rose on her chest. She rubbed her feet in the in the cool grass and stretched her arms high above her head, reaching for the horizon. These were the moments she lived for: The quiet times when she could simpl
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Tarot: 7 of Pentacles
               The beads of sweat on Jeremiah's brow rolled into his eye and made them sting. The sun's assaults on his body were angry and relentless. The work was backbreaking but it had to be done.
He allowed himself a moment to breath. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and leaned his chin on the end of his shovel. Smiling thoughtfully to himself he looked at the lush, green land around him. He had worked so hard for all of this and soon it would pay off. Soon it would all be worth it: the blood, the sweat and the tears. The life time spent under his father's thumb. But he was as good as out now.
                He felt a twinge of guilt as he thought about his father but then he thought about the money and it all went away. He had no more time for guilt. He had spent all last night crying about it. What's done is done, he thou
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Dream of Water
                The water flows under me, so calm, so serene. I stare down into its depths. I see so much. I see so many colors. Not just blue but every spectrum in the rainbow is reflected in its rippling surface. Green and brown from the trees, the white of the clouds and the soft, pale blue of the sky above.
As the clouds part, the water is filled with radiant gems as the sun strikes against it with all its fury. I close me eyes, grimacing as I'm bathed in the hot light. I long for what's below me and take no comfort in the cold harsh winds that surround me. They don't protect me from the blinding light. They don't shield and cradle. They only push. The winds drive me on. They take me farther from the solid earth where I began, closer to the burning fire of the sun before me. The winds of change drive me towards the cleansing fires. The fires meant to purge me of impurities; to temper me and make me stro
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Forgotten Hero pt. 2
He couldn't believe how desolate this road was. He'd been walking for what had been hours and hadn't encountered one scrap of human life. The sun was beating down against him mercilessly. Sweat was pouring off him in buckets. As disturbing as it was, he was beginning to wish he hadn't left the motel. At least he would have been out of the sun.
He stopped for a few minutes and sat on a large rock on the side of the pavement. He groaned as every joint in his body ached from exhaustion. He bent over, hanging his head between his knees and listened to his back pop several times as he stretched it out. He groaned again, this time with relief, and lifted his head and stared out at the vast nothingness before him. He looked in every direction. In front of him, behind him, on either side; he saw the same thing. Sand and rocks.
The sun was drawing closer to the horizon in the direction he's been walking.
"That means I'm going west." He said to himself. It was some comfort to know that much anyw
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He tried to ignore the screaming at night. He tried to block out the wailing that came from the old broken down building across the street and up the hill. He tried to tell himself it wasn't there.
He only heard it at night. During the day it was same building; condemned, probably use to be a warehouse or factory. One day he even screwed up the courage to try to get in but the doors were locked. He thought about breaking a window, climbing in but he was too timid and straight-laced to really consider breaking and entering. He even called the police once. When they came out he was at work and the message on his machine said they hadn't found anything. "Thank you for your concern."
The sound continued anyway. Every night he could hear the painful shrieks in the distance.
Maybe it was it was just a dog, he told himself. Or some cats in heat. Horny cats were the worst. What ever they were they never stopped. They went on all night until sunrise. He considered going up there at night but he
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Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Rome, GA
Favourite genre of music: anything but rap and most heavy metel ('nuff said)
Favourite photographer: I don't think I have one (don't know much about photography)
Shell of choice: ummmm, Crab, I like crab shells. (they're all red and spikey, they're so cool)
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim
Personal Quote: I didn't tell you to jump, I just showed you the ledge.
so, I was thinking the other day and I realized that a lot of my stuff really is the same. I'm starting to feel like I'm in a rut, artistically. the last little story I wrote for creative writing class wasn't scary but god, it was emo as hell and i stopped and asked myself, "do I write ANYTHING happy?"

I don't know if this is a bad thing because my writing still accomplishes what I want it to accomplish for myself which is an artistic outlet and a healthy way to vent emotion. lets face it, I'm a moody son of a bitch and there's just nothing that can be done about.

my point is, I guess, I'm not unhappy with my work I just don't know if I want it ALL to be dark and depressing. I know it isn't all dark. my poetry isn't usually emo for some reason. it's mostly my prose. I don't really know why that is.

well, in the near future I'm going to try to write a happy story. I don't know how well it'll work out but I'm gonna try it :)


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